The "Why" in Soul

A brand's soul isn't wrapped up in the “who” or the “how.” It’s the "why" that makes a brand special. Purpose makes a brand relevant, and relevance fosters engagement. Successful brands know why they exist, so we partner with our clients to uncover their "why" and share it with the people who love them.

We are Strategic

Every great brand satisfies a legitimate need or solves a genuine problem. We love generating measurable solutions built on strategic foundations. We live to see our brands excel; that's why everything we create begins with a solid strategy designed collaboratively with your team.

We are Eclectic

We are a group of creatives from various professional and ethnic backgrounds (over 10 nationalities!) who love culture, relationships and building successful brands. The combination of our varying creative expertise and colourful cultural diversity is part of what gives our agency its flavour.

What in the world is Brand SOUL?

You may be wondering about all this “soul” banter, so we'll try to break it down for you. Like any human being, a brand is a living, breathing entity with a distinct set of values, expertise, tone of voice, style and purpose. All these attributes combine to represent the deepest essence and identity of a brand — in other words, its soul. To build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you need to convey your brand's soul in the most honest, beautiful and engaging ways possible.

Your Brand's Got Soul.

Why Our Clients Chose Godzspeed

We're a young agency of inspired strategists and digital artists who love what we do and the people and brands we work with. We've worked with large international brands, national brands, small businesses and startups. We'd be lying if we said we were perfect, but from the moment you meet our team you'll witness the passion, creative energy and professional outlook we bring to your project.

A heartbeat for "Good Work"

We partner with brands that are all about making a difference. We have a heart for the common good, social justice, charity and helping pastors and ministries. We want the fruit of our labour to catalyze positive change and bring joy and refreshment to a world in pain. We're Ottawa’s "Good Work" creative branding agency.

Meet our crew

Our branding agency is an eclectic blend of strategic and creative.