The client

The Association of Canadian Financial Officers is a union representing financial officers in the federal government of Canada. They are an eclectic group of professionals with the single goal to ensuring that the Financial Management Group in Canada is well represented at all levels and employment scopes. They approached us in search of a complete rebranding of their union. They were looking for simple, modern and classy corporate identity and creative brand collateral. They were also looking to design a colourful and engaging website. They also wanted to ensure that their promotional equipment (trade show booths, popup banners and tables) are aligned with their new look. They also needed corporate headshots of all of their staff to decorate the new website, and be used in promotional material.

The challenge

Our challenge was to bridge the gap between creative and conservative branding to create a visual identity that reflects the tastes and lives of the financial officers that they live to represent. This would allow the union to demonstrate to its members that they are in tune with the evolution of culture and the changing demographics among financial officers.

The solution

We designed brand identity (logo, branding guide, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, 10' and 20' trade show booths and popup banners) that are modern and bold, yet mature enough to maintain the integrity of their brand. We designed a new website (converted from Drupal to Wordpress) with modern, vertical scrolling functionality, and navigation hierarchy (based on 6 core content pillars). Their new website truly stands uniquely among other Canadian unions, and the video production that we were able to execute on site at their annual PD Day Seminar exceeded their expectations. Our client’s new look is an accurate representation of their corporate objectives and overall brand identity. The ACFO's got SOUL.


A new logo, corporate identity, a 20' trade show booth, and a soulful identity.


Our clients ACFO gave us the great opportunity of photographing their entire staff of 19. Many flew into Ottawa for their AGM and we were commissioned to shoot all of their professional headshots. We were also commissioned to shoot event photos at their AGM, and served as the private photographers for their keynote speaker Comm. Chris Hadfield.


The following video was shot at Ottawa's beautiful SHAW Centre( Ottawa Convention centre). Our event video team was on site (in agile form) capturing the soul of the event, and chronicling the stories and insights of their keynote speaker Comm. Chris Hadfield.

6 Navigation Pillars

The homepage presents the entire website's navigational structure using 6 main pillars, and iconography. Users can navigate their way to any page in one simple click. Visit the site to have a look.

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