The client

Alan Kearns, one of the nation’s top career consultants/experts founded CareerJoy an incredible career consulting firm that specializes in propelling people into their calling. Their work is founded on an intelligent framework of strategy, personal branding and thought leadership.

The challenge

Alan approached us for a visual rebranding of his company CareerJoy. They entrusted us with everything from their visual identity and tagline, to web/visual media. They wanted to develop a clean, corporate brand with a hint of creative flair. We were also asked to develop a simple, yet creative website that simplifies the UX and makes it simple to navigate their robust amount of written content. Our greatest challenge was to ensure that the integrity of CareerJoy’s SEO success was maintained as we convert the web platform from Drupal to Wordpress.

The solution

Our strategy team, creative team and CareerJoy’s internal management team partnered to analyze the company’s core objectives and overall tone to develop what is now their new brand, tagline and new online presence. We designed a creative, media focused website; concentrating on client experience and tasteful iterations of creative flair to humanize the brand and convey the brand as a socially/technologically relevant. Using Alan, and CareerJoy’s clients, we conducted video and photo shoots to develop content for web and social media campaign designs. We created videos for a variety of CareerJoy’s services as well as video loops for added appeal in header areas where their competitors are only featuring placeholder photos. CareerJoy’s got SOUL.


A soulful brand, basking in simple yet strong design.

A Cool New Card

Our designers kept it simple and creative with a focus on a strong call to action.


Headshots for the new site and personal branding photos for the nation's top career consultant.


A word form Alan Kearns and Debbie Trenholm a very happy CareerJoy client.

Intro video

Client testimonial - Savvy Company

Web Design

A site designed in Wordpress with backend integration into Salesforce. An intuitive and dynamic homepage design that makes it fun to surf through content.

Content, colour and brand soul.

CareerJoy's site offers rich content, a colourful and inviting atmosphere and a relational approach to online interaction.

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