The client

Robertho Sineus, founder of Rock and Loop Creative Studio is a subtly anomaly. He is a creative marketing professional, a talented painter/visual artist and a prolific craftsman/artisan. His company Rock and Loop Creative partners with agencies, architects, strategists and individuals to bring creative concepts to life through art. These guys are amazing clients!

The challenge

Our challenge was to photograph some of Rock and Loop's artwork, design elegant corporate identity, and print collateral for marketing purposes. Working with creative brands is exciting for us because of the creative energy that is generated in our collaboration. Our team listened, adopted their vision and become Rock and Loop in order to help accomplish their corporate objectives.

The solution

We worked collaboratively with Mr. Sineus to develop a visual strategy that would introduce Rock and Loop to the world with an air of subtle confidence, and uncompromised quality. Our photography team photographed Mr. Sineus with one of his pieces, at an abandoned auto garage. We took to our studio to capture a refinished Rock and Loop car rim, various furniture pieces, vintage accessory pieces and other interesting creations by Mr. Sineus and his team. We then used those photographs to create simple, elegant visual ads and business cards for Rock and Loop. Our client has expressed unbridled satisfaction with the end result. Rock and Loop's got SOUL.


We used product photography and classic design to establish Rock and Loop's corporate identity. We sourced high quality cardstock, and thick matte lamination to create business cards that can literally float in water without being destroyed. This is a testament to the amazing quality that Mr. Sineus commits his hands to in his work.


It was a blast working collaboratively with Mr. Sineus and the Rock and Loop team to immortalize their amazing work and artisanship. We had the opportunity of pulling some of their pieces into the studio, shooting editorials outdoors as well as product shots on location.