The client

The Journey Network is an urban church, pastored by Dave Harder. His vision is to raise up a church that understands the manifest power of the spirit of Jesus in the context of community and togetherness. The Journey Network is a young, parish-driven church with a mandate to expand into various small intentional communities throughout the city. Visit pastor Dave's blog:

The challenge

Our challenge was to design a non-conventional church website that reflected the community- focused mindset of the Journey Network and integrate the tools that they already use to communicate internally. We were also commissioned with the task of integrating sub-sites for their various parishes, so that each parish would have a unique ability to curate proprietary content. Visually, we were commissioned to deliver custom photography as well.

The solution

In a collaborative effort between our team and pastor Dave, we were able to develop an interesting, hybrid homepage navigation. We implemented a traditional navigation bar, and underneath the navigation header we integrated a grid structure (driven by photography) that houses the majority of the web links. We developed in Wordpress ensuring multi-site functionality for their various parishes. In an effort to maintain the Journey's internal communication norms we integrated "The City" a social platform specifically created for churches as their bogging and news platform. We also had blast photographing their pastoral team. We love pastor Dave and we're thankful for his awesome vision. The Journey's got SOUL.


A relational, unconventional church staff shoot with an urban, creative spin.

Web Design

A Wordpress site with honest imagery, engaging content and a soul that touches people's hearts through the screen.

A great homepage for great people.

A colourful and engaging homepage with a thoughtful layout and friendly content architecture.

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