The client

The Vancouver Sports Club's vision is to contribute to the development of grass roots basketball in the Vancouver Mainland and the Fraser Valley areas of British Columbia. They have succeeded in uniting a passionate and accomplished group of like minded coaches who understand the value in investing time and knowledge into young players during their developmental stages. The Vancouver Sports Club slogan is “Basketball and Beyond”, and unlike many other youth recreational programs their focus is not merely sport, its developing well-rounded successful human beings.

The challenge

The Vancouver Sports Club approached us with these words, “build us a website that none of our competitors have, we want our heart of the program to shine through". Their focus is building relationships and developing successful human being through excellence in sport. We needed to capture that in engaging and dynamic ways.

The solution

Our production and photography teams boarded a jet plane from Ottawa to Vancouver to conduct video and photo shoots for content development. Our teams produced emotional media revealed “more than basketball” and used video loops as page headers instead of photos to convey their message in the most visual manner possible. Our digital group developed the site in Wordpress to simplify edits and amendments for the club. We also integrated existing registration modules and other tools, so as to maintain the simplicity of their workflow. The linear, scrolling design serves as a good design solution because it naturally accommodates an evolutionary, storytelling experience. As you scroll down their greatness as emanates. We were delighted to work with their executive team to design/develop a website that “…none of their competitors have”.


Our photography team shot 1000's of photos in order to capture heart and soul of VSC's programs. This enabled us to give onlookers-in an honest, engaging perspective of the care and precision that this program offers young athletes. VSC also commissioned our photography team to conduct a staff headshot session for the new website.

Staff headshots

Basketball camp


We captured over 100GB of video footage throughout our weeklong stay at the VSC spring break camp, for the purpose of creating video headers for the site and establishing a robust archive of footage for future productions.

An Engaging Experience

We combined copy, video and subtle animations to tell the VSC story.

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