Our Brand’s Got Soul Too.


Our team (the G-Force) gathers together every day in our inspiring space at the corner of Bank and Somerset to transform the anatomy of business. We come from humble beginnings. Godzspeed began in the basement bedroom of Founder Thomas Cumberbatch's parents house in 2010. Today, we work with soul rebels all across the globe to uncover meaningful brand identities, craft memorable brand experiences, and grow businesses through impactful strategy and creative design.

Do Good

We build and implement CSR strategies for mission-driven businesses. Our vision at Godzspeed is a love affair between brands and communities. We lead businesses into more meaningful relationships with their staff, clients, and communities by positioning them to lead with their deepest purpose. Book an appointment with our team to learn how corporate social responsibility strategy and campaigns will add value to your business.


We are in the business of creating bold, meaningful, and influential work with our partners — work that delivers razor-sharp clarity and embodies the DNA of their audience. We can develop the coolest strategies, but if they don’t turn into jaw-dropping, eye-catching awesomeness that moves people and grows your business, well, then they ain’t worth jack. Our work is our promise. Our work is our passion. Our work is our pride. Our work’s got soul.


Collaboration is the catalyst to our hoorays and booyahs at Godzspeed. From proposal to final delivery, our process is collaborative. We are intentional about becoming a part of your team so we operate as a single unit throughout the creative process. We pride ourselves on our collaborative team approach. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Together. Download our process poster to see how we build soulful brands, together.

On Purpose

Purpose over Everything. We build brands on purpose; not product or service. Our vision at Godzspeed is affair between brands and community. We get really excited about businesses assuming the responsibility of leveraging their influence to mend broken systems across the globe. Our purpose is to partner with brands, to uncover and illuminate their SOUL. We build purposeful brands, “on purpose!”
Let’s start discovering your brands true purpose today.