We see brands as individuals, not institutions. At Godzspeed, we believe brands are living, breathing souls.

The Soul Guide™

The Soul Guide™ is our signature product at Godzspeed. It’s your brand identity, synthesized into a beautifully designed document. It illustrates your brand’s unique dreams, purpose, and personality. It is the foundation for all that your brand communicates (internally and externally). The Soul Guide™ reveals the essence of your brand identity: delivering razor sharp clarity and memorable language that your brand can use in every mode of communication to win the hearts of your target audience. It is the foundation of your culture, and it is the heartbeat that unites your internal team, your customers, your prospects, and your ambassadors. The Soul Guide™ is so special because once it is created, ALL of your communications (print collateral, language, website, films/videos, brand experience, physical space) will align in consistent and memorable ways.


Soul Branding System

What’s so special about our Soul Branding System? It’s based on you. We go through a deeply relational and soulful process to really understand the passion, fire, and purpose of the people who drive the brand. It’s that process that inspires our creative team to develop memorable, authentic, and long-lasting brands that draw a deep-rooted community, make employees proud, and establish clients as enthusiastic supporters and brand ambassadors. Our process is a beautiful mix of intimate research, thoughtful strategy, bold design, and meaningful execution. At Godzspeed, a brand isn’t logos and colours. It’s a promise you make to the world, and we make sure every single part of your brand is working together to keep that promise.

Our Branding Process

1. Brand Audit

We’ll review all aspects of your brand’s communications to gain an understanding of how you currently express yourself and provide recommendations on how best to improve.

2. Discovery

We’ll get together with your senior team and engage in deep discussions about your brand’s journey, purpose, and ultimate goals. These discussions will give us intimate insight as we build out your brand’s soul.

3. Research

We’ll conduct thorough research to gain a better understanding of your brand’s place in the marketplace, as well as engage with partners and stakeholders to reveal their thoughts and feelings about your brand.

4. Ideation

We’ll take everything we’ve learned, lock ourselves in a room,  and brainstorm the best ways to express your brand’s mission, vision, purpose, and soul.

5. Soul Guide Creation

We’ll take the ideas your passion inspired and put them together in a beautifully and purposefully designed document that clearly and meaningful explains every aspect of your brand’s soul.

6. Brand Implementation

Using the language, principles, and philosophies established in your Soul Guide™, we’ll journey with your brand for as long as it takes to make these ideas operational, communication, team building, and cultural realities. We make the ethereal ideas we’ve created a reality.

7. Celebrate

We kick back and relax together to celebrate a job well done.

Your brand’s got soul.

Let’s discover it together.