Web Development


Your website can and should be so much more than just a digital brochure. A great website is an online hub for expressing your soul, connecting with your tribe, and running your business more effectively.


Web Development at Godzspeed

At Godzspeed, we love the web. We’re what you’d call “very online.” We love designing, innovating, and creating engaging online brand experiences chock full of authenticity and meaning. The internet is usually your most effective means of communicating with your tribe. Why? Because they’re already using it. We just help with finding them, connecting with them, and putting your soul’s purpose on display for everyone to see.


The other beautiful thing about the web is that it’s a one stop shop with limitless possibilities for expressing your brand’s soul – beautiful video, compelling copy, vivid imagery, engaging interactive content, and so much more can all live together on your website. Not only does the web allow us unique and emotive ways to communicate with your audience; it also allows us to craft tools to make the day-to-day managing of your business simpler and more efficient. Your website can make or break your brand. At Godzspeed, we’re makers, not breakers.

Web Development Process

1. Web Discovery

We’ll sit down with your major stakeholders to determine the best ways to share your story online. It will provide us with valuable insight about how your audience engages with your website and how we can make that experience a transcendent one.

2. Copywriting

Our copy team will use what we unveiled in discovery to craft the words, sentences, and paragraphs that will live online and be your public facing messaging to the world.

3. Wireframing

Our design team will create very basic mockups of what we believe the final product should like, so we can get your approval before really diving into the artistic process.

4. Stakeholder Research

We will get together with brand stakeholders at all levels, from CEO to entry level. These sessions will give us a deeper understanding of who is actually using the website and whether what we have created works.

5. Visual Execution

We’ll brainstorm and create imagery, colours, and other visual assets that we will use to paint your website with soul.

6. Photography & Video

We set up and shoot all the photography and video necessary to tell your story online and allow your target audience to see themselves in your brand.

7. Development

Once we know exactly how the website is going to look, feel, and function, we get to work on the nitty gritty work of coding and testing to make everything come alive.

8. Quality Assurance

We delve into every aspect of the user experience on the website to find and eliminate any issues or bugs that may be present. It’s the last set of polish before the big unveiling.

9. Launch

The site goes live, and we watch as people discover how that soul can be expressed over Wi-Fi.

Your brand’s got soul.

Let’s discover it together.