Brand Anatomy 101: Soul, Mind, & Body


At Godzspeed, we spend every day transforming the anatomy of business from institution to individual. It’s our mission statement, so there’s a ton of meaning packed into each and every syllable. We’ve decided to unpack some of that meaning and teach everyone a little bit more about the core philosophies that drive us. It’s time for a crash course on brand anatomy, Godzspeed style. 

A brand anatomy is made up of three parts: soul, mind, and body. Let’s break down each of those before explaining how all three must work together as one in order to craft soulful brands that create meaningful impact.



Conceptually, the soul is the transcendental fire and driving force that fuels a brand’s purpose. It is the spark that ignites the love affair between you and your community, and it is the glue that binds you together forever. It’s excitement, energy, and emotion. It’s your most authentic identity — who you truly are at the very core of your being.

Anatomically, the soul is the brand’s central nervous system. It’s the inspiration delivery service for every aspect of the business. It provides the fuel and direction to find your biggest impact. Your soul must be at the heart of everything. Every great brand needs to both inspire and be inspired. And that starts in the soul.



The mind is where emotion and thought converse. It takes the fiery passion and purpose of the soul and creates a meaningful and coherent strategy for living it out. This fusion creates the razor-sharp clarity needed to find inspiration, deliver solutions, and create impact. The mind lays the foundation for expressing your soul in ways that engage, inspire, and connect with your people. 

Practically, the mind is where the ideas, design, tactics, approaches, and structural processes  of the business are developed. The mind lays out the plan to make sure that the soul is being integrated into every aspect of the business: sales processes, internal operations, culture strategies, and everything else. Top to bottom, internal and external. The mind finds the best ways to share your soul with the world.



The body is the vehicle for pursuing passion, living purpose, and creating impact in the real world. It’s where the passion of the soul and the strategy of the mind are animated. It is the medium through which the soul is physically expressed. The soul inspires the mind, the mind creates a strategic plan, and the body executes that plan.

Basically, the body is how and where the brand experience is delivered to your staff, customers, and communities. The body produces your product, delivers your service, communicates your ethos, and transforms the people around you. It’s how you engage your community and deliver on your promise. The body is what people see, hear, and feel about your brand.


The soul, mind, and body come together to create the brand anatomy. At Godzspeed, we partner with businesses to unleash the power of their soul, find real purpose, and forge deeper connections. We make businesses more human by transforming them from institutions to individuals. We ignite the soul to ignite the mind to ignite the body. That’s what a soulful brand is all about.