The Thinking Series


thumb 00:55 Godzspeed Pillars: Influential

Godzspeed founder and head creative dude @thomas.cumberbatch speaks on the final pillar of our BMI philosophy: INFLUENTIAL.

Influence is all about your ability to move people. Influential brands have a core group of loyal followers who believe in the brand’s purpose and integrity. They are able to create impact through connection. If your brand isn’t connecting with people in deeply emotional and human ways, you have influence over no one. With no influence, you might as well be dust in the wind: noticed by no one and forgotten immediately.

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thumb 00:54 Godzspeed Pillars: Meaningful

Our Founder, and Creative Director @thomas.cumberbatch breaks down the second pillar of our BMI philosophy: MEANINGFUL. Purpose is the single most powerful driving force of impact in the world. Meaningful brands have conviction and pride in their beliefs. It shapes their identity and guides their actions. When you find and embrace your meaning, the right path forward becomes obvious. A meaningful brand is able to form deeper emotional connections with its audience and the world. At Godzspeed, we find joy in unearthing meaning and expressing it to the world. If you’re struggling to identify or communicate your brand’s deepest purpose, we can help. Hit us up for a coffee, and let us show you how living out your brand’s meaning is one of the most powerful and transformational things you’ll ever do.

thumb 00:54 Godzspeed Pillars: Bold

Thomas Cumberbatch, Godzspeed Founder and Creative Director, speaks on the first of our three brand pillars: BOLD.

What does bold mean? Impactful brands are always bold in their approach. Bold doesn’t mean being loud and boisterous. A bold brand knows who it is and isn’t afraid to tell the whole wide world. Being bold means being courageous enough to share what your brand truly believes in and stand by the people you serve. Being bold means you’re ecstatic about who you are as a brand.

Think your brand should be bold but isn’t? We can show you how to find your boldness.

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thumb 08:39 Brands Are Individuals Not Institutions

Take a few minutes to watch a conversation between Thomas Cumberbatch, our Executive Creative Director and Robertho Sineus (Strategic Partner). Listen as they discuss what a brand with meaning is, and the impact of purpose driven brands on our communities.