Create Something  Bold


This week’s theme at Godzspeed is bold. “Sharing who you are the way you really are.” We believe that bold brands have a greater advantage at commanding attention and having an impact on the audience. More often than not, a bold brand draws from life events, art, social issues, and culture to resonate with its target audience. In this blog post, we share some of our thoughts on what bold means to us at Godzspeed. We will attempt to address a few misconceptions around the word and explain the benefits of truly incorporating bold elements into your brand.

Bold brands aren’t always loud

One of the common misconceptions regarding bold brands is that they have to be ostentatious and “in your face.” While these characteristics can be helpful, they are certainly not necessities when it comes down to being bold. Bold is a decision. A decision to be authentic in order to better connect with your target audience. Every brand can be bold, this is the beauty. It’s a choice.

Bold brands are “straight shooters.”

At Godzspeed, we believe “straight shooters” or clear brands are set apart. Clarity can often be hard to achieve because of our tendency to complicate the simple. At Godzspeed, a big part of what we do for brands is bring clarity where there is confusion. We are aware that it’s possible to be profoundly deep whilst keeping thing simple and clear.

So, what does “bold” produce?

We believe that bold brands connect better with their target audience. Being bold is about telling the truth. The truth about your brand’s values, what you stand for, and what you believe in. When this is done with clarity, it makes it easy for your target audience to connect emotionally and live vicariously through your brand. When your target audience believes in the message you’re presenting and walking out boldly, they will develop deep and intimate connections to your brand. This gives you the opportunity to educate your target audience and help them learn more about why they love your brand.

Being a bold brand will connect you with your target audience intimately and free your brand to truly elevate its soul and purpose. Let’s connect to make your brand bold. Email us at We can’t wait to build with you. Let’s be bold, together.